We're a digital strategy, media production, and cross-communication agency. We're behind some of the most influential digital platforms and strategies out there, ones that changed how people communicate and shaped their world.

Who We Work With

When you work with us, you might find yourself a first-in-industry.

Yes, we provide strategic and creative work that clarifies and drives your message and mission; however, we are known as the team that invents new solutions that solve the most complex communication and organizational problems. We're not just the strategy. We're the execution platform.

Here are some we've helped be the first in their industry.

Eli Lilly and Company

Within a highly-regulated industry and facing the challenges of the modern digital communications landscape, Eli Lilly and Company needed new ways to communicate to stakeholders and drive its public policy agenda. Together, we created and executed a first-in-industry digital government affairs strategy and platform that is furthering Lilly's policy objectives and helping manage the conversation space.


We're helping Alere build a new 21st-century marketing operation for its Accountable Care business unit, revolutionizing how patients and providers interact with their health care.

Boston Public Market

Boston Public Market is poised to become a new civic institution for the city of Boston, and it needed an agency to help it demonstrate the participatory and creative experience customers will have with all of the Market's offerings. We conducted interviews with stakeholders, helped clarify the mission, and designed and implemented the brand.

Barack Obama for President, 2008

After he witnessed our revolutionary digital work with Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, Barack Obama's campaign manager, David Plouffe, tasked us with building Barack Obama's digital strategy. We crafted the initial plan and launched the exploratory website. Then we helped hire the internal team and taught them everything we knew about how to integrate digital into their operations.

Deval Patrick for Governor, 2006 & 2010

We were the digital team for Deval Patrick's revolutionary run for governor of Massachusetts in 2006 and his re-election in 2010. Our work set the standard for digital grassroots organizing, integrating traditional polling and public relations techniques with on-line interactive tools, instant media production, and digital advertising.

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Our Team

Charles SteelFisher

Charles is a co-founder and the President of Alipes, working with clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to leading politicians to international non-profit organizations. In 2006, he served as the director of new media for Deval Patrick for Governor where he introduced revolutionary online fund raising and organizing systems that helped build the biggest grassroots organization in the history of Massachusetts politics. He was subsequently retained by David Plouffe and Obama for America to coordinate the launch of the 2008 presidential campaign's new media efforts. Before forming Alipes CME in 2003, Charles worked independently, creating digital media and education strategies for clients such as The Gillette Company and MIT. He has an MFA in writing from the University of Arizona and a BA in history from the University of Rochester.

Pace Willisson

Pace has been designing telecommunications and industrial process control software for 30 years. His Community Tool software was integral to the successful 2006 campaign of Deval Patrick for Governor of Massachusetts, and is the foundation of the aPebble system. He holds a degree in Computer Science and Engineering from MIT.

Torrey Fazen

Torrey is a communications strategist and the business development lead for Alipes. Prior to joining the team, she spent 13 years working for a global public relations agency. Throughout her career, she has advised clients on a range of communications issues including strategic planning and campaign building, product launches, media tours and events, crisis management and influencer relations. Torrey received her MBA from Boston University with a strategy concentration and her BA from Colgate University.

Joe Samet

Joe is a co-founder and Operations Director of Alipes with more than 15 years of account and project management experience. Joe has successfully worked on a wide breadth of projects ranging from implementing enterprise systems with Fortune 500 companies to guiding non-profits on maximizing budgets using the latest technologies and business processes. In his spare time, Joe has been recently focusing on video production and editing.

Darlene Heikkinen

Dar has 15+ years of experience in advertising and marketing communications as a manager and consultant for a wide range of organizations. Prior to joining Alipes in 2007, she worked for the Deval Patrick for Governor campaign, where she managed campaign communications across a range of medium. At Alipes, Dar has planned and implemented digital advertising programs for statewide elections as well as national organizations.

Jason Tennis

Jason is the Creative Director of Alipes and began doing freelance animated political cartoons for Charles and Joe before Alipes even existed. He works with the entire team to create better user experiences on the interwebs, from idea generation through finalized product. Jason attended the Rhode Island School of Design and enjoys stage acting.

Keith Koslowsky

Keith specializes in producing online content at the speed of the web. He has produced online videos for political and issue based campaigns. He believes the little guy matters and that the internet is an efficient means to aggregate a movement. Keith has a dual BS from Northeastern University (Journalism and Film Studies) and a Master's degree from Emerson College (Broadcast).

Luisa Armstrong

Luisa is a digital strategist, working mainly with healthcare and non-profit companies. She currently manages her clients' efforts to build grassroots communities, engage in national conversations and drive policy change. Prior to joining Alipes, Luisa worked in government affairs and public relations. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in political science and French, and spent a semester in Paris studying at the Sorbonne.

Nathan Lamont

Nathan is the Lead Front End & iOS Developer at Alipes, and has almost 20 years of web development experience. Nathan grew up programming, teaching himself BASIC at age 10, and 6502 assembly language at age 14. Nathan was an indie developer before that was even a thing, developing several critically acclaimed games and utilities. He has a BA in English from Oberlin College with a minor in Computer Science, and is a huge fan of the oxford comma.

Dustin McCormick

Dustin is a graphic designer for Alipes. He handles day-to-day artwork and graphics for websites. In his spare time, he enjoys illustration, typography, and playing the drums. Dustin received a BFA in graphic design with a minor in illustration from Middle Tennessee State University.

Gillian Barbieri

Gillian is a digital account executive at Alipes where she works primarily with healthcare clients to drive policy change. Before joining the team she worked in public relations and journalism. Gillian holds an MA in Global Marketing Communication and Advertising and a BS in Broadcast Journalism, both from Emerson College.

Michael Callahan

Michael Callahan is a Multimedia Producer and branded content guru. Working with the creative teams, Michael generates both traditional as well as shareable media. He remains active in Boston's thriving indie filmmaking scene so look out -- you might see him out there with a crew and camera. Michael earned his MFA in Film Production from Boston University's College of Communication.

Rachel Bergan

Rachel is a digital account executive at Alipes, working primarily on social media strategy and production for healthcare and non-profit clients. She enjoys blogging in her spare time, and is always on the hunt for a new book to read. Rachel earned her BS from the University of South Carolina, and spent a semester in Italy studying at Florence University of the Arts.

Allie Muchmore

Allie is a senior digital account executive who focuses on social media strategy, audience engagement, and content development for Alipes. Her background is in client relations, environmental policy and political campaign development in Michigan. Her fantastic project management skills, sunny disposition, and experience in the nonprofit and environmental sectors make her a great asset to our clients. Allie received a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Economics and Policy from Michigan State University with a specialization in renewable energy policy.

Shawn Oliver

Shawn Oliver is the Office/Finance Manager at Alipes. He handles the day-to-day operations of the office as well as its finances. With a background in finance and office administration, Shawn has helped several businesses succeed in the digital age by modernizing their accounting and recordkeeping. In his spare time, Shawn enjoys reading and exercising. He is currently enrolled at Middlesex Community College, where he is studying accounting.

Giving back

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